The Biggest Questions Star Wars: Episode VIII Hasn’t Answered

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Star Wars: Episode VIII is almost a year away, and with the anticipation for our return to a galaxy far, far away comes a lot of questions that need to be answered. While we normally search for those answers and update their status in our “What We Know So Far” features, there are still bigger questions that we feel need to be raised outside of those confines, so as to maximize their importance. It’s with this in mind that we present to you the following 10 questions we really want the answers to, based on things that have been rumored or come to light involving the production of Rian Johnson’s Star Wars: Episode VIII. Starting with an obvious one:377aac80eebdbf63b1c0d21c982a2601051bd8e0

What Will The Title Be?

Pretty much any Star Wars film after the first one has had the world asking the biggest question of all: what’s the title going to be? A title says everything about a film, and with Tale of the Jedi Temple and The Order of the Dark Side being the rumored contenders, one of those two just might be the words on fans’ lips until next December’s release date. Though, to be fair, neither of those titles sound like they’d actually pass muster, but then again, neither did Attack of the Clones.


What Will Luke’s First Words Be?

Still mad about Luke Skywalker having not a scrap of dialogue in Star Wars: The Force Awakens? It’s ok… a lot of people are (including Mark Hamill, himself). Which means that those first key words spoken by the exiled Jedi are going to matter quite a bit when Star Wars: Episode VIII opens up. As the next film will be starting right after The Force Awakens, it’s assumed that Luke will break his silence in the film’s first post-crawl moments. Which means that whatever he says will have been hyped up with a two year waiting period. Though current rumors aren’t disappointing, we’d still think Luke’s first words in the new Star Wars canon would be something a little more prophetic than what is being reported. We’ll find out soon enough.


What Is Kelly Marie Tran’s Role?

When the cast list for Star Wars: Episode VIII broke, there were some surprises and some confirmed luminaries rumored to be in the mix. One of the former was the casting of actress Kelly Marie Tran, who up until now has had scattered web series and TV credits on her resume. As if Star Wars casting news wasn’t mysterious enough, this exciting newcomer’s entry into the galaxy far, far away has a lot of people wondering just who she’ll be playing, or what she’ll be doing in this new universe. Speculation is that she’ll be a comedic relief character, and many rumors have paired her with John Boyega in the plot, but nothing has been confirmed and anything goes in this franchise



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