Digital art is an amazing thing…I see it as works or art that are created just like any other piece of art work. The only difference is the media and the technique! Unfortunately, digital art is regarded by many as fake and not recognized as an art form; however, it takes a lot of talent to create digital art and the fact that it’s not oil or tempera on canvas shouldn’t detract from it’s importance. Yet in many people’s eye it “doesn’t count as art”.

I see digital art as a wonderful thing that encompasses so many fields of study and can be easily shared with the world!

In science, digital art is used to render many things from a simple, more realistic DNA depiction to a more abstract and creative vision of DNA like the photos below.



In the next piece, the artist has captured the form of human faces and depicted them through digital art to produce something that could not be photographed. It shows amazing 3-D features and still captures the shape and form of our faces without completely forming the entire head.


Digital art also allows for the creation of lifelike objects in unrealistic and impossible conditions. Like this lighter, for example. We could never flick a lighter and have rainbow water come out. I love that digital art puts us into a world where we can create anything and everything our imaginations want to create!



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