Your wedding is an adventure!

A once in a lifetime event spent with the most meaningful people in your life.

As our client you will receive photographs artfully created just for YOU, to remind you of this first step on your amazing journey as a couple.

You will feel overcome with a sense of excitement and love for these experiences each time you see your wedding photographs.

You could own images of your journey together just like these.


Pre wedding photos are now mandatory for the greetings like who is getting married. Not just for display at the invitation but also for display at the gallery of weddings and a couple personal memories. In order to look more beautiful memories, definitely want to Wedding Photo different than the others right?! You can try the following ideas ….


What the hobbies and interests you both. For example if you are traveling hobby, photography can be done in a place that had been visited and the most memorable and not just at Studio Wedding only. Can a store special memories such as when he first applied for you.


Taking from this idea okay too you know! For example, if you work as an architect, background of the photo (Studio Photography) can be a building that is you build or construction of a building. With the concept of a mature and pose a unique, definite results were also other than the other.


Pre Wedding photos you can be a journey of love you both. If you love both originated from a same campus, shooting could be taken with the background of your campus, complete with a dress you like before when it still holds the status of students. You can remember the most wonderful memories when you first meet your spouse as a pose. Guaranteed fun! But you should be confident because that is sure to get a feel for the campus, of course, photography (Photography Studio) is done on a weekday where tuition runs. You are challenged?!


Many places are charging expensive photo shoot? Do not worry, it’s not an obstacle to obtain pre wedding photos (Wedding Photo) is unique. Try to remember your favorite place and spouse to eat together or just spend time chatting. Do not worry if it’s a small restaurant on the corner of the city. With foresight the photographer and art Wedding Photography as well as your expression, a photo will look storytelling.



Everyday situations can make you love-love style. Spontaneous expression of you and your partner make the images so to speak. The photographer will take a candid so that your expression will be more visible.


Location shooting can be in places that are not normal. For example, in the middle of dense traffic, on the bussway, the market was surprised at night, stop, or even crossing the bridge on the Mall. Photos with this idea is very interesting and requires expertise in the art of Wedding Photography photographer also your courage and your partner to pose and expression in public areas.


Attention to detail is very important if you take this theme for the overall atmosphere at that moment felt. Not only your clothes and your partner, background images and properties that support must be carefully to prepared .

*) Consult your plan in determining the concept & theme Pre wedding photo to our team, Next StationDesign Pro consent We will be happy to assist you in determining the concept & theme of your Pre Wedding

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When we started Station Design Photography in the spring of 2004, it was just an idea that came up over a cheap chicken wing dinner one night, outside our local Zehrs supermarket. We had been working together for 6 months as photographers at the Zehrs Portraits Studio, photographing about 20 babies and families a day.

Over and over again the same topic kept on coming up; Wouldn’t it be great if we could pick and choose what we photographed? or who we photographed? We could go anywhere in the world. We could even work for National Geographic! (Well after a little more thought and much research we learned that hiding out in a jungle tree for weeks on end, catching malaria multiple time and facing death everyday was not exactly what we wanted.)

Erica Say ;

Erika has a background in writing, and trained for 14 years as a competitive figure skater. She has written articles for many lifestyle magazines, newspapers and she is the writer of our blog. When she is not taking photos or editing them, she is working on writing a novel about her grandfathers life in world war 2. Anytime you call or email us at Rowell Photography you are talking to Erika. She is the creative director at our company, keeping everyone organized and inspired. Erika is very determined, so much so that last year she spent 6 months learning Ukrainian (also reading and writing in cyrillic) for a 1 week trip to her families homeland. Her goals list is 101 items long with 60 of them checked. Her passion and drive in life keeps everyone around her inspired. She never settles for anything but the best, which is why I know I am so lucky to have her.

Ryan Say :

Ryan has a background in Computer Engineering, and web design. Not only is he a brain, and most of the brains behind Rowell Photography but he also likes getting his hands dirty. He once built an electric guitar from scratch and it worked! A few years ago for a Hospice Simcoe charity drive he stayed awake for 36 hours standing, holding on to a car. He was born and raised in Barrie, Ontario and there isn’t a neighbourhood in this city that he hasn’t lived in. He comes from a big family, and a long line of hard workers with Scottish and British heritage. He is an awesome husband, the guy everyone goes to to solve their technical problems, and the best damn photographer I’ve ever seen.



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We love weddings! Our passion for weddings and photography combined with our relaxed and friendly manner ensure we add to your special day. Booking us means you have one less thing to worry about. We have been in the wedding industry for more than 15 years and are still in this industry because we find weddings exciting and wonderful.

From our initial meeting we try to gauge your personalities so when photographing you we are capturing the real you. We can offer suggestions as to photo opportunities but are also open to any special requests you may have.

Because we take so many photos we tell the whole story of your wedding day. From the nervous smiles before the ceremony to the glow of happiness after the ceremony. The joy of the first time you are announced husband and wife, the first kiss, the laughter during the speeches, the bridal waltz, final goodbyes and leaving the reception.

Once you have booked our services we drive out to where the ceremony is to take place to check out photo opportunities and locations within the vicinity.

Included in some of our packages are the pre-wedding photos. We like to do these at a different location to where your wedding location shots will be done. Doing the pre-wedding photos gives us an opportunity to work with you and the lens to ensure your best features are filmed on your wedding day.

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The Real Question

The old Time challenge and question of whether or not you can effort or budget will stretch to advertise to market has been solved. The Question is now “ can you afford not to form a strategic alliance and partnership with STATIONDESIGN Production When loyalty counts, allow STATIONDESIGN Production to assist you !


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