T Shirt Carnaval 3 Design by Stationdesign

The development of the field of fashion clothing for exceptional rise in Bandung. As a center of growth and development of creative industries, the artisans started looking at the screen printing. Technological developments in the printing seputaran very seized the attention of craftsmen. Such creative print stencil Full recently seized the attention of enthusiasts clothing. Market is big enough if we walk in Pasar Baru Bandung or Jakarta in Tanah Abang market models Ful print clothing has to have a certain satisfaction.

At the start of the tastes of the market ended in the craftsman. Once the existence of what is not! Old clothing craftsmen Muararajen been a step forward to create a tool Full Print. MIGHTY Ade with his god had made a similar device trans printer paper in developing screening techniques and IPR will be out by then Indag service. “It deliberately created from a former printer processed to get into the fabric pattern to put cool pictures.’s Certainly a couple of bottles of ink to provide color images on T-shirts should be,” said Ade gods meet in his tiny studio in the Muararajen Lama.

Then the development of this printing technology still has drawbacks in terms of drug screen printing. “There must be a mixture of some of our distinctive blend arty to be visible,” said Ade such as the design of three-dimensional images of distant Mas Tukul, why Che Guafara close. This is called creative industries Ade said, holding the clothing exhibit their work.

With the development of printing technology. Creative industries sector Clothing hopefully experiencing euphoria back. There must be a reformist to anchor market with elegant marketing agitation. After all, the Creative Industries clothing sector still provides the Khasan own in London
General Information
1st resevation Order T-Shirt:

Chandra: 085318955333


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