StationDesign begin as the vision of my dream to build the first entrepreneur with modern, conveniences to suit own creative needs. Soon friends, impressed with simple elegance and lasting comfort , pressed him to build StationDesign“ loyal costumers produce 90 % of brands profits “ Lestie Wonderment , Being Direct Business Focus In today challenging business environment, satisfying your customer’s need and wants and turn developing loyal customers, is of paramount importance for the growth of any business .

The Hospitality industry that need to not only keep up with their competitors but also be a step ahead Out sourcing a method used in various business applications has proven to be a cost efficient strategy to allow organizations to focus on what they do best Trough marketing made easy By outsourcing who Station Design, you will be tapping into a proven formula that is currently operating in over 50 company and business thought out the world . Consultant Design and Promotion Product are Lecture 3 D – Interior Design – Printing Mobile – Promotion Event – Website Builder – Online Shop and Fulfillment of interface to generate accurate and timely tracking and reporting , analysis by outlet The solutions is complete with Station Design module, allowing partner and clients alike to mobilize membership data for effective communications via email and direct mail .

Well defined and frequent communications created essential top of mind awareness and enables businesses to effectively promotions , special and executing promotions , this solving the rational challenge of developing executing promoting exciting , which lack effective distribution channels “People expect a certain relation from a business and when you pleasantly those exceed those expectations you passed an important psychological threshold “ Richard Thalheimer President , The Sharper Image A partnership for Profit StationDesign engages in long term business partnership to facilitate the outsourcing of business project program , thus enabling a business “ team to service more modern market segment StationDesign, offers a complete turnkey solution for high and company groups, stand alone company . entertainment business development program for sector and other businesses to develop a loyal local base of frequent users that will that will drive incremental revenue to all cost centers As partner , we will work with your own business in house professional and together establish a formidable team to tackle the challenges of your particular industry or market place and focus on achieving your business objectives and long term “ be Picky ,business solution is a life in your goal “ Chandra Sugiharto

When loyalty counts StationDesign is the global leader , with five years experience , in professional management of loyalty business solutions and a link network . Our partner client base of the world’s most prominent brands product StationDesign, we are a dedicate group of brands and products with local experience, knowledge and business units that are supported by a comprehensive global infrastructure and state of art technological capabilities

The Real Question The old Time challenge and question of whether or not you can effort or budget will stretch to advertise to market has been solved. The Question is now “ can you afford not to form a strategic alliance and partnership with StationDesign Production When loyalty counts, allow StationDesign Production to assist you !

StationDesign Management Consultant Design and Promotion Product are Lecture 3 D – Interior Design – Printing Mobile – Promotion Event – Website Builder – Online Shop


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History Our company was started in 2005 as an event management company that looks into providing all kind of service for a vast area of activities that range from corporate event , brand activations, conference , exhibition and seminar, and also entertainment service which all fall within the corporate sphere The focus remains towards constantly building on past experiences and providing top of the line service at competitive price that help us deliver on we promise and further customers satisfaction by providing then more that they expect out parenting with us Our clients have seconded our claim, where we say we work on getting maximum quality generated from our service through competitive pricing and this is reiterated from the fact that most of the companies who have worked with us in the past, have already signed us on their future arrangements and we look to build a fruitful business relationship with them

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